Various - the annual 2009 - Ministry of Sound: The Annual, Spring 2009 - Various.

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Wasting absolutely no time in compiling progressive house's finest moments of the past year, this annual starts off with Eric Prydz 's smash European hit "Call on Me." This track not only brilliantly samples Steve Winwood 's '80s pop hit "Valerie," but it sets the tone for the remainder of the two-disc set. Lots of percussive buildups and breakdowns, filtered and washed samples from pop music over the past two decades all placed over a hypnotic and relentless kick drum that is unforgiving at times. Those seeking exactly what Ministry of Sound has to offer year in and year out won't be disappointed, but those with a more discriminating palette may find this annual cumbersome after the first disc. As with many of Ministry's mix sets, this could have been parsed down to one outstanding disc rather than two good ones. Regardless, with all of the dance compilations out there, the Ministry of Sound still offers the best bang for the buck. It's almost like being right in front of the speaker stacks, minus the whistle blowing, glow-stick chucking club kids.

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues -- Michele Sivori
Highway 61 Revisited -- Left of Center
As I Went Out One Morning -- Ghosts of Electricity

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Various - The Annual 2009Various - The Annual 2009Various - The Annual 2009Various - The Annual 2009